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Hi!  I’m Christine and welcome to Two Delicious!  If you are cooking for two I am here to help you make delicious food without cooking so much food and ending up with too many leftovers.  Home cooked food is so much better than eating out all the time which is easy to do when it’s just the two of you.  It’s also a great way to reconnect at the end of day.   Good food brings people together!  I am happily married to the most amazing guy who loves everything I cook and we have a sweet little dog named Missy and a silly cat named Pippin.  I also play the harp and I feel so blessed to have music in my life as well!

About Me

I started this blog because I found a shortage of recipes for just two on the internet.  I know there are some if you dig around but a lot of them were for special occasions like Valentines Day and I don’t want to cook filet mignon or lobster most nights…well I might want to but that’s just not practical, so I decided to modify some of my favorite recipes.  After getting married I would cook recipes for my husband Tom and myself and most of them served at least 4-6 and some even more!  We found ourselves over-eating most every night!  It’s very easy to do when you have so much food!  I decided that I had to do something about that and start making less food as our waistlines were starting to grow!  Yes, I know that we could have used our portion control willpower but we seem to be lacking that attribute! 🙂

This little spot on the blogoshere will be my place to post recipes for two.  I will occasionally post recipes for entertaining as I love to entertain.  I also love making homemade treats for my pets and I’ll share those too! 

I hope you’ll poke around my site and maybe try out a recipe or two and if you are single this is a great place for you too!  Having one serving left-over is great for taking to lunch the next day!  If you’d like to get these recipes in your inbox then subscribe to stay in touch.  Thank you so much for stopping by!  


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    Linda B. from Las Vegas
    January 28, 2015

    Hi Christine. Say hi to Tommy. Everything looks delicious. Very impressive

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      January 28, 2015

      Hi Linda!
      I’ll be sure to tell him hi and thank you for the sweet words and for stopping by the blog! I hope all is great with you! <3

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